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Integrated Pelvic Physiotherapy & Alchemy in Motion - Exercise: How to train intuitively | Integrated Pelvic Physiotherapy & Alchemy in Motion

Exercise: How to train intuitively

Take a break from weights and learn how to train intuitively; learn how to train as the body is meant to. 


With any program it is important that you listen to your body and train according to how you are feeling everyday. In gauging your performance on a day to day basis you can determine how you are going to train on that day. Once you implement this into your training regime, you will notice that your performance will improve while the risk of injury, burnout and fatigue will be reduced.

To give you a standardised idea of how you are performing on any given day, track and rate (from 1-5) indicators such as:

  • Sleep quality
  • Soreness
  • Hydration
  • Energy
  • Mood
  • Stress
  • Nutritional quality 


A large problem with how we train today is that we move only in a singular plane of motion.

Not only are we training in one plane of movement, but everything we do; from getting out of bed the same side, from driving to work the same way to doing exactly the same thing every day at work - we live our lives in a repetitive, typically uniplanar fashion. Great comparison = checkout job Vs. farmer.



















Lets use the example of a squat or a bicep curl. With these exercises, you are only moving in the sagital plane. The problem with this? Well short term, there isn't really any problem with it however, if this is the only plane of movement your are training in over time, you are exposing your body to injury through repetition and overuse but more importantly your 'movement IQ' is being dumbed down. When I talk about a 'movement IQ', like an intelligence or an emotional IQ we have an individual movement repertoire within our body. This 'movement IQ' can be trained and improved but it can also be depleted. The depletion of your movement IQ occurs due to limited variability of movement. If you only train in a certain way you will be strong and effective ONLY in that way. Then, if you ask your body to move in a way or do something that it hasn't trained for you're more prone to injury. Don't get me wrong these singular plane movements are very important for various things like neuromuscular rehabilitation, muscle hypertrophy, balance etc however, what I am saying is that we need to incorporate WHOLE BODY, MULTIPLANAR movement into our training also. 


Do you want to know how to train intuitively? Start by incorporating things like:

  • Varied planes of movement with and without weight
  • Start to mimic animalistic movement
  • Spend some time on a farm or alternatively get out of the gym and into the environment!

Remember: our ancestors weren't sitting in cars and on chairs looking at computers all day! If you want to become TRULY strong, fit and healthy - train intuitively!


Please refer to this link on how to start to incorporate 'intuitive training' into your programme. 



If you would like personal advice and training to improve your strength and conditioning, whole body movement or to prevent injury, please don't hesitate to contact us to make an appointment with Nick. (07) 5441 4764.  




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