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Integrated Pelvic Physiotherapy & Alchemy in Motion - Fitness Professionals: Exercise Prescription and the Pelvic Floor | Integrated Pelvic Physiotherapy & Alchemy in Motion

Fitness Professionals: Exercise Prescription and the Pelvic Floor

Fitness Professionals have the ability to motivate, inspire and improve the quality of people's lives everyday. We strongly advocate for our clients to access personal trainers and fitness professionals which is why we have strength and conditioning coaches, Institute of Motion coaches, movement coaches and yoga and pilates instructors working in our physiotherapy clinic every day.

However, have you ever wondered if the exercises you are prescribing are potentially exacerbating someone's incontinence or prolapse or pelvic pain? How would you know? As the majority of people are embarrassed about these issues and won't openly discuss them with you. Do you ever consider your clients'  level of continence or ability to brace and support themselves while they are exercising? If not... you may be exacerbating their concerns without even knowing.  






How to identify dysfunction

Pelvic Floor First have released a simple screening tool for fitness professionals to incorporate into their personal training that identifies pelvic floor dysfunction. Once you have identified that your client may be experiencing some level of pelvic floor dysfunction you will need to modify their exercise prescription. In this article, Pelvic Floor First have outlined some simple modifications that you should consider when prescribing 'pelvic floor safe exercise'. 



What to do with pelvic floor dysfunction

If you suspect your client has pelvic floor dysfunction we strongly suggest you do two things:

    • REFER ON >>> It is very difficult to 'see' pelvic floor issues from the outside so it is for that reason that we strongly suggest referring your client onto a pelvic floor physiotherapist.

They will be able to properly assess and treat your client's pelvic floor issue which will enable your client to return to you sooner. 


        • UP SKILL >>> We offer a Pelvic Floor Masterclass which will be held on Saturday 9th of April from 9:00am at Alchemy in Motion, Noosa Junction.

Our Pelvic Floor Masterclass is targeted towards fitness and allied health professionals alike. The goal of the masterclass is to provide participants with the knowledge and practical experience to be able to:

        • Identify pelvic floor dysfunction and common compensatory patterns
        • Incorporate pelvic floor exercises and cues into exercise prescription and programmes
        • Prescribe whole body, three dimensional movement that breaks down common compensatory patterns in order to maintain your client's gains in the long term. 


If you would like to find out more about the Pelvic Floor Masterclass or would like to book your spot, please don't hesitate to contact us (07) 5441 4764. 


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