Endometriosis: The Fallacy of Minimal Disease

"For a number of years now, groups of physicians have been advocating and publishing to the effect that minimal disease does not need surgery. Rather treating with medical therapy is an appropriate intervention. One has to wonder about this kind of advice since there is NO medication what so ever that actually treats endometriosis." - Nancy Petersen 

Please refer the the link below for an interesting view point from Nancy Petersen who is a volunteer at the Endometriosis Research Centre.

In the article she voices her concern over:

  1. The quality and type of surgical intervention offered to women suffering from endometriosis stating that "...ablation, hysterectomy and oophorectomy are all offered to treat endometriosis" however "None of these interventions are truly effective for the majority of women... regardless of stage of disease." 
  2. "Medical therapies that mimic castration or menopause (often causing permanent damage to bone, ovary and neuro systems) or to mimic pregnancy putting the patient at risk of blood clots" 
  3. Drugs offered to patients before having a hysterectomy which "do not treat the disease" 
  4. Being lulled into thinking the above interventions work as "75% of women are dismissed as 'neurotic' and don't go back because it is too offensive to have their life altering pain dismissed." 




Our message from a pelvic floor physiotherapy perspective is: NEVER BACK DOWN WHEN SEEKING HELP FOR ENDOMETRIOSIS. In Australia we are blessed to have world leading specialists in endometriosis... sometimes the issue is making it through the medical maze to find them! If you have any questions about pelvic pain or would like to have a one on one consultation with one of our pelvic floor physiotherapists please don't hesitate to contact us on (07) 5441 4764. You do not need a referral to see us. 


For further information on Endometriosis please visit the Endometriosis Australia Website:



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